Studio32 return to the East Kilbride Arts Centre with Cinderella, the fairy godmother of all family pantomimes from the 4th to the 22nd December 2019. Performances sell out quickly so book now and don’t miss out!

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella! A wealthy widower marries a proud and haughty woman as his second wife. She has two daughters, who are equally vain and selfish. The gentleman has a beautiful young daughter, a girl of unparalleled kindness and sweet temper.

Forced into servitude by the girl’s stepmother, she is made to work day and night doing menial chores. After the girl’s chores are done for the day, she curls up near the fireplace in an effort to stay warm. She often arises covered in cinders, giving rise to the mocking nickname “Cinderella” by her stepsisters.

One day, the Prince invites all the young ladies in the land to a royal ball, planning to choose a wife. The two stepsisters gleefully plan their wardrobes for the ball, and taunt Cinderella by telling her that maids are not invited to the ball. As the sisters depart for the ball, Cinderella cries in despair. Her Fairy Godmother magically appears and immediately begins to transform Cinderella. She turns a pumpkin into a golden carriage and Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful jewelled gown, complete with a delicate pair of glass slippers. The Godmother warns her to return before midnight, when the spells will be broken.

The stroke of midnight

At the ball, Cinderella becomes so enchanted by the prince that she loses track of time. As the clock chimes midnight she has to run away, losing one of her glass slippers. The Prince chases her, but outside he finds only the slipper and vows to find and marry the girl to whom it belongs.

A Royal ball.  A handsome prince. A glass slipper.  The best friend a girl could wish for. And two very ugly sisters. Cinderella has it all, following the inspiring rags to riches tale of our kind and beautiful heroine Cinders.

Packed full of action, comedy, romance and songs you’ll be humming all the way home. Come join us to witness Cinderella’s magical transformation from pauper to princess.  Boo as her wicked stepmother attempts to thwart the path of true love.  And cheer as Buttons saves the day!

Be sure to snap up your tickets quickly