Studio32 are excited to present Guys & Dolls from the 19th to 23rd March, the musical by Frank Loesser based on two short stories by Damon Runyon. The show premiered on Broadway in 1950, it ran for 1200 performances and won the Tony Award for Best Musical.

The show opens with the hustle and bustle of New York City. Three small-time gamblers, Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Benny Southstreet, and Rusty Charlie, argue over which horse will win a big race. Band members of the Save-a-Soul Mission, led by the pious and beautiful Sergeant Sarah Brown, call for sinners to repent.

Nathan Detroit, runs an illegal floating crap game but due to local policeman Lt. Brannigan’s strong-armed presence, he can’t find a spot to hold the game. Nathan is broke but hopes to win a $1,000 bet against Sky Masterson. Sky must take a woman of Nathan’s choice to dinner in Havana, Cuba. Sky agrees, and Nathan chooses Sarah Brown. At the mission, Sky offers Sarah a deal: “one dozen genuine sinners” for the mission if she will accompany him to Havana.

Nathan goes to watch his fiancée of 14 years, Adelaide, perform her nightclub act. After her show, she asks him to get a marriage license. Distraught to find Nathan is still running the crap game, she consults a medical book that states her chronic cold is a psychosomatic reaction to Nathan’s failure to marry her.

In Havana Sky buys a drink for himself and a “Cuban milkshake” for Sarah. She doesn’t realise the drink contains Bacardi rum and innocently drinks multiple glasses, becoming progressively tipsier. Sky is surprised to find that he truly cares about Sarah and insists they go back to New York where they both admit they’re in love. A siren sounds and gamblers run out of the mission, where Nathan has been holding the crap game. Sarah infers that Sky took her to Havana just so Nathan could use the mission for the game.

Sky arrives at the craps game and gives Nathan $1,000, saying he won the bet, implying Sarah refused to go to Havana. Determined to get the dozen sinners he promised Sarah, Sky bets everyone a thousand dollars against their souls. The gamblers head towards the mission, Sky won his bet. On his way there, Nathan runs into Adelaide and tells her that he has to attend the prayer meeting but Adelaide does not believe him.

The gamblers arrive at the mission, Nicely invents a dream that encouraged him to repent, and the gamblers join in with revivalist fervour. Brannigan arrives and threatens to arrest everyone for the crap game, but Sarah clears them. After Brannigan leaves, Nathan confesses to the crap game and the bet about taking Sarah to Havana. He adds that he won the bet, to Sarah’s shock, and she realises that Sky wanted to protect her reputation and must genuinely care about her.

Sarah and Adelaide run into each other, they commiserate and resolve to marry their men and reform them later. Several weeks later, Nathan has opened a newsstand. Sky and Sarah have just been married, and Sky is playing the drum in the mission band. Adelaide and Nathan are to get married at the mission, Sky tells Nathan he’ll lay 8:10 odds he will be very happy.

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