* – indicates EK Rep One Act Festival entry.

Production Date Directed by
79 Cinderella Dec-08 Liane McKenna
78 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Aug-08 Graham Parry
77 Communicating Doors Jun-08 Scott Mackay / Cheryl Cropp
76 Politics in the Park* May-08 Darren England
75 Bondagers Mar-08 Gerry Kernan
74 Aladdin Dec-07 Craig Smith
73 A Chorus Line Oct-07 Alan Dickson
72 No Flowers Please Sep-07 Craig Smith
71 Two By Two Jun-07 Julie Brown / Drew Campbell
70 Home Sweet Home* May-07 Kevin Lauder
69 Men Should Weep Apr-07 Gerry Kernan
68 Absolute DIVAs Mar-07 Vikki England
67 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dec-06 Gerry Kernan
66 Fame! Oct-06 Graham Parry
65 Home Run Aug-06 Drew Campbell / Kevin Lauder
64 Victim* May-06 Craig Smith
63 The Slab Boys Apr-06 Vikki England
62 Stags and Hens Feb-06 Gerry Kernan
61 Guys & Dolls Oct-05 Vikki England
60 Oleanna Aug-05 Graham Parry
59 The Steamie * May-05 Gerry Kernan
58 The Crucible Apr-05 Gerry Kernan
57 One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Mar-05 Vikki England
56 The King & I Oct-04 Gerry Kernan
55 Oedipus Aug-04 Graham Parry
54 The Steamie Jun-04 Gerry Kernan
53 Godspell Apr-04 Joan McVicar
52 A Few Home Truths * May-04 Drew Campbell
51 Downright Divas Feb-04 Vikki England
50 Carousel Oct-03 Gerry Kernan
49 Steel Magnolias Aug-03 Graham Parry
48 Show You The Man/Caged Birds Jun-03 Graham Parry / Gerry Kernan
47 Show You The Man/Caged Birds * May-03 Graham Parry / Gerry Kernan
46 A Whole New World Apr-03 Colin Stewart
45 Calamity Jane Oct-02 Gerry Kernan
44 Endgame/Krapp’s Last Tape Aug-02 Graham Parry
43 A Whole New World Jun-02 Colin Stewart
42 My Fair Lady Oct-01 Vikki England
41 The Bald Prima Donna * May-01 Graham Parry
40 Oklahoma! Oct-00 Dougie Hannah
39 My Life In Art Aug-00 Graham Parry
38 Stepping Out Jun-00 Vikki England
37 DIVA! Apr-00 Vikki England
36 Oliver! Oct-99 Joan McVicar
35 Teechers Sep-99 Dave Bennet
34 The Steamie Jun-99 Andy Nairn
33 Cuttin A Rug * May-99 Darren England
32 Cuttin A Rug Apr-99 Darren England
31 Cabaret Nov-98 Alan Dickson
30 Like A Virgin Aug-98 Dave Bennet
29 One Big Blow * May-98 Vikki England
28 The Steamie Mar-98 Andy Nairn
27 Little Shop Of Horrors Oct-97 Alan Dickson
26 Bouncers Jul-97 Vikki England
25 Bouncers * May-97 Vikki England
24 Antigone Mar-97 Peter Clive
23 Godspell Nov-96 Julie Brown / Liane McKenna
22 The Slab Boys Sep-96 Vikki England
21 Julius Caesar Mar-96 Peter Clive
20 Guys & Dolls Sep-95 Gayle Cook
19 Me Myself Us Jun-95 Shona Cairney
18 One Big Blow/Under The Driers Mar-95 Vikki England / John Murphy
17 The Wizard of Oz Nov-94 Alan Dickson
16 Paddy’s Market May-94 Andy Nairn
15 Blood Brothers Mar-94 Alan Dickson
14 Death By Murderous Means Mar-94 Vikki England
13 Blood Brothers Nov-93 Alan Dickson
12 The Best Whorehouse in Texas Nov-93 Andy Nairn
11 The Matchgirls Apr-93 Alan Dickson
10 Mixed Bag III Oct-92 Various
9 Cabaret Apr-92 Vikki England
8 Godspell Oct-91 Craig Potts
7 Cuttin A Rug (Crail Festival) Jul-91 Liane McKenna
6 Dazzle Apr-91 Craig Potts
5 Just Testing Apr-89 Liane McKenna
4 The Crack! Nov-88 Liz Nixon
3 Cuttin A Rug Apr-87 Liane McKenna
2 Mixed Bag II Jun-86 Liz Nixon
1 A Christmas Mixed Bag Dec-85 Liz Nixon