Studio32 Theatre is proud to present The Steamie, which is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary in 2017. The Steamie is a comedy-drama stage play, written by Tony Roper. It follows the lives of a group of Glasgow women who, one Hogmanay in the 1950s gather in the local wash-house (or ‘steamie’) to do their last laundry of the year.

They share memories and jokes, talk about their menfolk, have hopes for the future, and sing a few songs. It is sad, nostalgic, and very, very funny.

A simple but long-drawn-out anecdote when Mrs Culfeathers talks about buying minced beef from Galloway’s butcher shop has become legendary and is regularly performed by Studio 32 Concert Party.

Tony Roper showed the script to all the major theatres in Scotland – who rejected it because ‘nothing happened in it’. It was then taken up by actress Elaine C Smith and Wildcat Stage Productions and performed at Jordanhill College, Glasgow in 1987. Songs by David Anderson were added and it was a surprise success.

A television production with Dorothy Paul and Katy Murphy from the original cast was also outstandingly popular. As the original publicity put it: ‘It’s worth burstin yer biler tae see.’


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