Thank you to everyone who came to see Top Girls! by popular British playwright Caryl Churchill. The play centres around a woman named Marlene, career-driven and only interested in women’s success in business.

Set in the early Thatcher years, the play focuses on a pivotal moment for women in the workplace. Its famous opening scene features a dream sequence dinner party with a group of famous women from history. Guests include Pope Joan, who is said to have been pope between 854 and 856; the explorer Isabella Bird; Dull Gret the harrower of Hell; Lady Nijo, the Japanese mistress of an emperor and later a Buddhist nun. The women behave like a gang of city executives out on the town who get increasingly drunk and maudlin, as it is revealed that each has suffered in similar ways.

The play is unconventional following Marlene as she strives for success, empowerment and further promotion up the corporate ladder. Hidden truths and personal life choices threaten to knock her down in the surprisingly masculine world of the female staff of the agency. The women must be tough and insensitive to compete with the men.

A fantastic contemporary play that examines the role of women in society and what it means to be a successful woman. Top Girls is a witty, tongue in cheek, sassy play, that will be inspiring, challenging and enjoyed by all.